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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know Brooklyn’s Very Own Upcoming Rapper G Sepp

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know Brooklyn’s Very Own Upcoming Rapper G Sepp

G seppG Sepp
is an upcoming rapper from the streets of Brooklyn who took a chance in chasing his dreams of becoming a superstar rapper to Los Angeles and I recently got a chance to get to know this ambitious and talented young MC in our recent interview. He has worked with the likes of known producer Rico Beats who also has produced for Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent and even got a chance to open up for boss man Ricky Ross very early on in his career.

Raised by Carribean-born parents, the MC grabbed his influences from musical greats such as Shyne, The Notorious B.I.G, and Tupac. It cannot go without saying that while living in a house filled with R&B loving sisters he certainly grabbed inspiration from the rhythm and blues realm as is reflected in his music.

G Sepp’s first single, “Bring It Back Home” is hot and will be accompanied with a visual set to be released later this month.

Cherise Nikole: Who is G Sepp? What are you about?

G Sepp: I’m a recording artist from Brooklyn NY. And I’m about God, family, money and music – in that order.

Cherise Nikole: How’s the transition been from Brooklyn to LA and what inspired you to make that move?

G Sepp: I feel like it was a move for the better. I was heavy in the streets and there were too many distractions. I couldn’t fully focus on my music. One day I got a call from my little bros, Yung and Trey, and they said they felt it would be best if I come to California so I could clear my mind and focus more on my music career. So I did. It was the right move. It definitely helped.

Cherise Nikole: What was it like for you growing up in Brooklyn?

G Sepp: In the beginning I couldn’t ask for more. It wasn’t until my father died when things began to get rough. I was staying out late at night and wasn’t obeying all of my mother’s rules. One day we had a big argument and I decided to leave home at the age of 15. Although I was in the streets hustling, I was still going to school. I joined the basketball team, but shortly after that, due to my temper, I got into an altercation with the head of the sports department and was told I could no longer play on the team. So the streets got all of my attention, and it’s been the streets ever since.

Cherise Nikole: What was the moment when you realized music was your calling?

G Sepp: One day I was hustling in a friend’s backyard and his older brother hooked up his Xbox to a big speaker and started playing instrumentals from it. Him and his friends was rapping and playing around. Then he played this beat and rhymes started coming to my head so I just started rapping. Everybody started going crazy and looked surprised. From that moment I knew I wanted to do music.

Cherise Nikole: How would you describe your sound and style?

G Sepp: I’m very versatile, so I feel like I have my own sound.

Cherise Nikole: Growing up listening to a ton of your sister’s R&B music, would you say R&B has an influence in the way you rap?

G Sepp: Yes, I feel like the R&B music my mother and sisters use to listen to could have played a little part in where the melodies in my music come from.

Cherise Nikole: If you could collaborate with anyone right now, be it a producer or an artist, who would it be?

G Sepp: Ryan Leslie because he has an organic sound.

Cherise Nikole: I hear you have a temper on you! How do you keep that in check in an industry that demands so much from you?

G Sepp: Yes, I have a temper. But my mother raised me to be a well-mannered individual and I know how to keep my composure and when to keep it cool. I’m focused on the bigger picture.

Cherise Nikole: Independent or record label?

G Sepp: Independent

Cherise Nikole: Tyga or Drake?

G Sepp: Drake. I think he’s more lyrical than Tyga.

Cherise Nikole: Blunts or papers?

G Sepp: Papers.

Cherise Nikole: What is your single “Bring it Back Home” about?

G Sepp: This song is about me having to leave home to make the money I need in order to provide, and my girl doesn’t want me to go because she wants me around all the time. So I have to explain her why I have to go.

Cherise Nikole: What can fans expect for your debut album? Any dope collabs or producers on your project?

G Sepp: No collabs, just mostly production from Rico Beats. The fans can get to know who G Sepp is a little better through some great sounding music.

Cherise Nikole: What do you want the world to know about G Sepp?

G Sepp: That I’m striving for nothing but greatness and I won’t settle for anything less.

You can keep up with G Sepp on his website gsepp.com and make sure you check out his latest joint “Bring It Back Home” below which is also available on iTunes.


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