Kanye West / Himumimdead

Kanye West / Himumimdead

Himumimdead creator, Pauly Bonomelli is in the business of designing one-off custom pieces for the likes of A$AP Rocky and in this case, Kanye West.

While celebrating Rob Kardashian’s birthday at Nobu in Malibu, California, the Yeezy Season designer rocks a custom punk rock-infused Himumimdead Old Dave the Tweeker Replica jacket.

However, the custom jacket created by the Australian native has an interesting story to tell all on its own.

The jacket he wore is a replica of one that belonged to a homeless teenager known as Tweaky Dave who was photographed by Jim Goldberg for his 1995 book Raised by Wolves

“The work followed the lives of teen runaways in Los Angeles and San Francisco, focusing on Tweaky Dave and Echo; two charismatic, but ultimately doomed, teens,” reports i-D.

The custom piece in memoriam of Tweaky Dave artistically tells the story of youth and distress and is accurately inline with Ye’s own collection of what could arguably be an artistic way of the rapper himself telling his own story.

Perhaps that is what connected him to the jacket to begin with.

The original Tweaky Dave jacket.


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