DJ Hollygrove / #HollygroveHits

DJ Hollygrove / #HollygroveHits

OG Ron C and the Chopstars, DJ Hollygrove has curated a playlist on AppleMusic of songs that are next to blow. #HollygroveHits includes rappers from all 3 coasts but pays homage to a mass amount of up and coming artist from the great state of Texas.

Peep my personal favorites from the #HollygroveHits playlist below:

“Off The Lot” by X.O. featuring Rizzoo Rizzoo and Sosamann. In addition to Hollygrove, “Off The Lot” has also been cosigned by Soulja Boy.

New Orlean’s rapper Loudiene is next up with his smash “All Off A Jugg.” Check out Vault of 1520’s exclusive interview HERE.

HoodFame Go Yayo’s “Dammit Man” is going fucking insane in the streets right now! I understand why DJ Hollygrove added this banger to his playlist.

Push it! Push it! Push it! Push it! O.T. Genasis’ new single “Push It” is already doing numbers on the charts:

After solidifying his spot in Hip-Hop with “Uber Everywhere”, MadeInTyo is back with another one, “Skateboard P.”



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