Kanye West Rants About Yeezy Season 4 Criticism at Harpers Bazaar ICONS Party

Kanye West Rants About Yeezy Season 4 Criticism at Harpers Bazaar ICONS Party

Kanye West broke out into another epic rant at Harpers Bazaar ICONS Party in NYC. Performing hits “Famous” and “Runaway” infront of a plethora of star-studded guest including wife Kim Kardashian-West, Baz Luhrmann, Tommy Hilfiger, Tyga and Dascha Palanco, Kanye drastically changed the tune to address the harsh fashion critics about his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show.

“At the beginning of this performance I tried my best to not drop. No I tried to listen to all the reports and shit and I tried my best to stop trying. But I just couldn’t it do it, I couldn’t stop. No matter what they write, I just couldn’t stop. I appreciate ya’ll going on this journey for me. I appreciate all the years that ya’ll put up with me learning in front of you. And listen[ing] to the music at the same time. I appreciate the moment when Carine Roitfeld put her friend on the cover. No, not this moment, I’m talking about when she put Tom Ford on the cover [of Vogue Paris]. And all you motherfuckers were like, ‘Ah, oh, la la la, Carine.’ She’s a motherfucking icon. There’s only one Carine.”


The day of the fashion show guests boarded a hot bus, and were transported to Roosevelt Island, where they, and the models, sat in scorching hot heat for hours because of a delayed start. The models were dressed in skin-tight clothing and soon, there after, a bunch of models had to take seat due to dehydration.


Acutely, as the show began a plenitude of models had problems with their heels due to them being so uncomfortable. One models heel broke off completely in the middle of the runaway and gladly a kind audience member helped her wobble down the runway while another model Amina Blue actually took off her shoes entirely.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West are featured on the cover of the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Check out pictures from the red carpet below:


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