The Outfit, TX / To The Room

Hosted by Mr. Rogers and Dirty Glove Bastards, The Outfit, TX released their latest project Green Lights Everything Goin’ back at the end of July. The mixtape featured an abundance of hits including “I’m Wit That,” “Type Shit,”I’m Wit That Too,” “Bear Necessities,” “Green Lights,” and Vault of 1520’s favorite “To The Room.”

“To The Room” is produced by Dallas, TX Stunt N Dozier where JayHawk & Mel let the ladies know how it’s going down when they get you “To The Room.” 



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Catrise J

Catrise J is the owner of Vault of 1520 and Content Creator for Dirty Glove Bastard (DGB). Catrise is a self described "free-spirit" and always shares what's on her mind. She enjoys Hip Hop, nature, reading, 420 and 90's R&B. Her idols include Angie Martinez, Tupac, Oprah, and Warren Buffet. You can connect with Catrise on social media.