Atlanta MC and newly-signed G59 Records artist Germ has dropped his debut album and first project with the label (helmed by his co-conspirators $uicideboy$) titled Germ Has A DeathwishThe 11-track LP will prove to be his breakout; a versatile and progressive body of work showcasing the elevation of his rap career, from his early upbringing and Haitian roots to his days cutting his teeth as a skater on the streets of ATL.

Joining him on the project are frequent collaborators and friends including $uicideboy$, Lil Gnar, Shakewell, Ohgeesey and Pouya with production from Yago, Travis Barker, Beer Can Dan, Versace Dre, Ricky Anthony and Bud Dywer.

Germ didn’t set out to become a rapper.  He was introduced to the music of revered punk icon GG Allin along with bands Minor Threat and The Germs, ultimately drawing inspiration from Eminem, Earl Sweatshirt and Andre 3000 to carve out an atypical lane in the celebrated ATL rap scene. Despite a change in career,Germ continues to reference his skater-punk life in the titles of his releases by paying homage to the BakerSkateboards skate videos,Baker Batshit Bootleg and Baker Has a Deathwish.


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