#ThatsHowYouFeel: The Podcast | Episode 001: “The First Time”

#ThatsHowYouFeel: The Podcast | Episode 001: “The First Time”

There is a first time for everything. On this episode of #ThatsHowYouFeel Catrise J, Monique B, Mark Hood discuss with special guest Jejuan Smith their first-time experiences with sex, love, relationships and all the other bullshit.

Jejuan Smith is an actor, model, athlete, and stunt performer. Jejuan is a former football & basketball player which earned him a football scholarship in high school. Jejuan started modeling at 16 for a local clothing a brand and went on to appear in numerous music videos. He has appeared as a background extra on shows such as Drop Dead Diva as well as a stand-in & stunt double on films Ant Man, Sleepless Nights, & Atlanta FX series over the years. Jejuan has written & directed films in such as the award-winning short film “Walk A Mile” which starred himself. “Walk A Mile” has been featured in multiple film festivals and movie screenings gaining national notoriety. Traveling across the country Between Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA throughout the years, Jejuan has made no stoppage in pursuing his growth as an actor.


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