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Axel Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign In a Movement to Revolutionize the Way We Enjoy Music

  • axel audio kickstarter

Axel Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign In a Movement to Revolutionize the Way We Enjoy Music

Axel Audio recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their stylish, modular headphones that revolutionizes the way music lovers everywhere enjoy their music.

The outside of the headphones are super stylish however it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The inner workings of these Axel headphones with Soundscape Pure are specially engineered to your listening preference with Soundscape. You basically choose how you like to listen to your music when designing your headphones and they deliver!

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According to a press release this is exactly how the headphones work:

Axel’s headphones have fully interchangeable modular components. Axel aims to simplify the normally daunting headphone-buying process by offering a menu of components from which the customer selects to create their ideal headphones. The menu includes a choice of 3 specifically engineered speaker units, dubbed Soundscapes (Core, Pure, and Deep) and 3 styles of headband inserts (Classic, Waves, or Spikes). The headphones are available with both on-ear speaker units and over-ear speaker units. The on-ear models will be available in either black or white, while the over-ear models will initially be available in black only.

“As a very general overview, Soundscape Pure was designed with the ‘audio purist’ in mind, to create an intimate and detailed listening experience. Soundscape Deep is for the ‘bass heads’ with reverberating lows and full yet controlled power. Soundscape Core may be the most versatile, with smooth textures and a sweet mid-range. It’s great for rock,” CEO and Co-Founder of Axel Audio, Kevin Oh states.

So far the Kickstarter campaign has raised over $66k at the time of this writing and seeks to raise 180k before production.

I know most of you take your music listening just as serious as I do so make your way over to Kickstarter to get your hands on some of these innovative Axel headphones!


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