Loudiene: The King of Jugg

Loudiene: The King of Jugg

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The experience of interviewing Dallas rapper Loudiene can be described with one word: bizarre. His misfit attitude and whimsical personality made this interview one to remember and I was able to capture its entirety in our hilarious albeit off-the-wall exchange.

His viral hit “Jugg” is making major airwaves throughout the metroplex. After only being on the net for 8 days, “Jugg” caught the attention of Brick Squad’s Waka Flocka adding Loudiene to BSM’s troupe. The self-proclaimed King of Jugg is quite the character. His personality, stage presence, music, and notably his fashion are what makes Loudiene, well Loudiene.

If you have ever had the chance of witnessing Loudiene perform then you understand that he doesn’t just give you a regular performance. From stage diving to climbing on top of sets it’s truly an array of chaos that instantly captivates an audience in awe.

He’s an eccentric rapper who has been named the Gucci Mane of Texas by his peers but in his opinion he is more comparable to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. However, if you asked him what he thinks about the public’s perception of him his answer would be that he doesn’t give fuck.

Interviewed by Catrise J. Edited by Cherise Nikole. Photographed by King Eric.

Catrise J: What are your favorite designers and who are you currently wearing?

Loudiene: I was a big ass designer nigga. I like BAPE. I like all designer shoes. Raf Simons. I’m big on him right now. I actually want some Rick Owens. I got the Tech Runners.


C: How big of influence does your Mom have on you?

L: Shout out to my Mama, she a fuckin’ G, boy! Shout out to Karen Smith, she a fuckin G! Out of all of her six children, you know what she said? She don’t know where the fuck I came from because I’ve been juggin all my life! She was like what the fuck is a jugg? I was like you know when I be jacking all these niggas taking all they shit, that’s what a jugg is. She was like damn you’ve done jugged your whole life bitch, for real! Stay in the game! Jugg, Jugg bitch! Look at these diamonds bitch, that’s jugg diamonds bitch! Look at this Roley bitch, that’s a jugg Roley bitch! Look at my Glock bitch, that’s a jugg Glock bitch. I probably got it from your patna, bitch! I promise you and you ain’t even know it.

C: How did you meet Waka Flocka and is it safe to say that you will be signing with Brick Squad?

L: I’m known for having the pressure. Waka came down here (Dallas) and he needed the pressure. I met up with Waka and served him the pressure. I was like well, Waka you know I’m a mothafuckin artist. He was like well hold that thought, come up here and let’s listen to that shit. So, we listened to that shit real good, that “Donde Esta.” It was alright, he was fucking with it, he was like oh shit. Alright, then you know I had to drop that “Jugg” on him! “Jugg” was only out for like fucking 8 days and then I dropped that bitch on him and that nigga was singing that “Jugg.” I was like oh shit! That nigga must have played “Jugg” like 10 times the whole day we was with him like seven, eight maybe even nine times, because I stayed with that nigga the whole day! We went to the studio, we even shot a video to “Jugg” actually if you want to know like we did a whole lot to “Jugg.”

Loudiene released the official video to “Jugg” featuring Waka Flocka and local Dallas artist Street MSE on TrillHD.com.


C: What is your take on the Dallas music scene?

L: King Jugg. I’m me but I fuck with a lot of all of them. I support because I want to be supported. So I feel like if I listen to your shit you should listen to my shit. If my shit trash you should tell me and if your shit trash I’m going to tell you because I probably ain’t going to listen to it. If I fucks with your shit, I’m going to fuck with you. I fuck with everybody locally in Dallas because I feel like we’re a family so we got to support each other so I’m going to support all the Dallas niggas and New Orleans niggas too. I’m from New Orleans if you didn’t know. Shout out to everybody in New Orleans doing their thing and in Dallas. 504, 214.

King Jugg is garnering a lot of attention in Dallas notably working with The Outfit, TX, Yung Stonerz, TRAP MAMA & most recently Saint Clair with their new record, Hunnid Pack.

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C: Being from New Orleans what are your biggest influences?

L: I got Master P with me everyday, nigga Lil Pooh is Master P, man. For real, man. But, yeah man I’m definitely influenced by Master P. Pooh over there, he acting like he don’t want to be interviewed, yeah it’s my interview but I’m still going to talk about fucking Lil Pooh, naw I mean? Because that nigga influences me and he act like fucking Matser P and that nigga is going to be a billionaire if I’m a millionaire. You understand me? Pimpin’, pimpin’. But, naw everybody in New Orleans, Soulja Slim, Weezy and Birdman really can’t rap but that niggas a boss, so you know what I mean? I gotta respect that shit. Juvie, the whole Hot Boy era, C-Murda. Who else we got? Lil Derrick! He dead, I’m telling you we used to get turnt up to that Lil Derrick, boy! New Orleans fucking right! New Orleans is what Chicago drill music is, just up beat. You naw I mean? Real shit.

C: What do you think about ISIS?

L: Is it safe to say ISIS is coming, who knows? Bitch, you better get a gun bitch, like me! Let ISIS pull up on me bitch. I keep that stick for real, bitch! My shit gone jam bitch, it gonna jam like Plies said, I ran off the plug twice! I ran off on the plug twice, aye! I messed up you gotta start over. I was about to fuck them up with that Plies, boy! Aye, I ran off on the plug twice! Pooh, I ran off on the plug twice! Pooh, come over here for just this one time! Come Giuseppe step on they ass! 1500 on they ass! Real Bloody, 30 Billy. Free Beav & Kevin.



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