TRAPMAMA: The Alter Ego

TRAPMAMA: The Alter Ego


Monea Willis on a normal day but TRAPMAMA on stage. TRAPMAMA is a popular household name you’ve more than likely heard around Dallas. It wasn’t until a year ago that the young rap star took her career by full force, and since then TRAPMAMA has decided to take her talents past the city. She has quickly concreted her name in the local rap scene with songs such as “Fool Ya Freestyle”, “Get Buck”, and “Ya Dig” giving her over 46,000 streams on SoundCloud.

Creating a high demand for herself TRAP has performed on some of the top Dallas stages this past year. Shows like Rage Shit Only, Goons, Goblins and Trapstars and Jugg Fest has a plethora of people including Vault of 1520 yearning to know who TRAPMAMA is.

After sitting down with TRAP, I was quick to notice how confident she was with her talent and brand. Don’t be misguided by the bold entrance, TRAPMAMA is only her alter ego. If you’ve been around her longer than five minutes then you know that Monea is just a regular 20 year old girl. She enjoys common things like relaxing and drinking Hennessy, smoking fat blunts, and making solo museum visits.

Though she has become more popular than expected she has remained humble in everything she does. Being very open with her answers during this interview, she allowed her fans to become virtually face to face with her.

Interviewed by: Catrise J Edited by: Jazmyn Davis  Photographed by: Chris HighDime


Catrise J: What is a typical day or week like for you?

TRAPMAMA: If I’m not going to work, I just really wake up and then I like to do spontaneous shit. So, like the other day I woke up and then I just went to the zoo by myself and I got some food. Just because I’m a rapper doesn’t mean I have to do rapper shit. I like the aquarium, the museum, all types of shit.

C: One of my friends told me you like to go to Rudy’s a lot. Do you go everyday?

TM: Honestly, I used to be really heavy on Rudy’s. I used to go like every single day even sometimes like twice a day but now I only go like once a week because I had got some bad Rudy’s one time. Rudy’s is not bad don’t get me wrong because I’ve had Rudy’s probably over a 100 times but I had got some bad Rudy’s and it kind of fucked me off.

C: What is your style?

TM: I really just wear a lot of thrifty shit. I’m not big on designer shit. It’s cool but I just like to chill. I’m a small bitch so it ain’t hard to find some shit that will look tight on me. American Apparel or some shit like that. I’m regular as fuck.

C: What is your favorite style era you wish would come back?

TM: The early 2000’s and shit when mother fuckers was wearing jersey dresses. That shit was icy! I wish motherfuckers was still dressing like that, big ass tall tees, forces. You know how Soulja Boy used to dress wearing Bathing APE’s and shit? It’s head ass now that you look back but that shit was clean. Cam’ron that’s a big ass fashion icon. That nigga was doing shit other niggas wasn’t thinking about doing. He wore a Gucci bandanna visor like what the fuck?


C: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

TM: I just rap about shit I know about. I be rapping about wild shit. Just whatever comes up on my mind. I would say my raps are, what’s the word? “Spazamistic.”

C: That’s a good word! That can be your new thing. “Spazamistic.”

We both laugh.

TM: I hope this is a word. I hope I don’t sound dumb as shit.

C: Who are your musical influences?

TM: I like listening to Nas and Outkast. MF Doom is my favorite rapper like ever. Shit, Saint Clair.


C: In the Dallas scene who would you like to collaborate with or already collaborated with?

TM: I’ve collaborated with my brother Saint Clair. I just collabed with Loudiene on a track. I’m about to collab with Robbie B and The Outfit, TX. I would like to collab with Devy Stonez. I really love Devy’s music. Jarvis Hodges his shit is crank, I fuck with his shit too.

C: With you being on a lot of local Dallas shows. Do you listen to a lot of these local rappers?

TM: Yeah, a few. I’m not just going to lie and be like I listen to them all. I definitely support all of them, you know know what I’m saying? On my Soundcloud I have Saint Clair, Loudiene, The Outfit, TX, Devy Stonez, shit like that.

C: What do you enjoy more the studio or performing live?

TM: Performing! I really, really like performing. I always tell people I like to perform more than I like to rap. It’s just like when I get on stage I turn into a totally different person. If you know me then you know Monea but on stage I’m really TRAPMAMA.

C: Do you think it’s hard being a female rapper out of Dallas? It’s hard being a female rapper in general but do think it’s more hard here?

TM: No it’s not hard in Dallas. I mean other places if I try to branch out it might be but not really. If you’re confident in yourself you really don’t have any competition. I’m very confident so it’s not hard at all.

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C: Do you hope that you will be up there with Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma or Lil Kim?

TM: Yeah! I love Remy Ma. I look up to her. I always say Remy Ma is my Mom and shit. Real talk, I love Remy Ma. I would love to reach that level and shit like that’s cool.

C: Considering how tough the music industry is what do you think it takes to excel in this industry?

TM: Really it’s just all about your look and your confidence level. How you put yourself out there and how you present yourself to people like I said before I don’t just only love rapping. I got a little image or whatever so people are already looking at me like damn what is Trap going to do next, you know what I’m saying? So, it’s really just based off your image, what you present to people and your creativity. My sound is different. No body really sounds like me. I think that’s what draws people into me.


C: What is your favorite song you’ve dropped?

TM: My favorite song I’ve dropped that I’m just like this is my shit? Everybody fuck with “Pretty” but my favorite one is “Get Buck”. I was just so settle on that hoe but I really brought the pain so that really has to be my favorite.

C: Tell me the process you’re going through for your next project?

TM: Really for my next project I’m just trying to get some shit out. All the songs I have out now like “Get Buck” those hoes are short and to the point. For my next project that’s how I want it to be, short and to the point. So people will be like damn, we want more, we want more! I want people to really like it. People be coming to me for features and their beats be trap shit but I want some different type of shit. Some shit people can smoke or chill and vibe to. So I’m looking forward to doing some different shit on my tape.

You can find TRAPMAMA on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. All one word spelled, T-R-A-P-M-A-M-A.



Catrise J is the owner of Vault of 1520 and Content Creator for Dirty Glove Bastard (DGB). Catrise is a self described "free-spirit" and always shares what's on her mind. She enjoys Hip Hop, nature, reading, 420 and 90's R&B. Her idols include Angie Martinez, Tupac, Oprah, and Warren Buffet. You can connect with Catrise on social media.