Video + Single: Crewshade / “Lift You Up” feat. Penn Badgley (yes, the one from Gossip Girl)

Video + Single: Crewshade / “Lift You Up” feat. Penn Badgley (yes, the one from Gossip Girl)

After a brief hiatus and expansion in artistic direction, NYC musical collective Crewshade is ready to show the world what they’ve been working on inside Jimmy Giannopoulos’ studio in Brooklyn. It all starts with “Raise You Up,” the new single and music video out today, featuring Penn Badgley (MOTHXR). If his name sounds familiar for reasons other than MOTHXR, it’s because you’ve probably seen him on Gossip Girl, or more recently, in Netflix’s hit series You.   

What began as a side project in 2016 between Jimmy and bassist Jenny Lee (Warpaint) has now evolved into a full-blown artist collective, where Jimmy has literally made his studio an open door policy with one simple rule: let as many artists pass through who are willing. The goal is to fill a void in mainstream music – mixing gay, straight, black, white, thrash, hip-hop, garage, psych, country, pop, abstract etc.

The video for “Raise You Up” is a reflection of that M.O., as you watch a group of people from all sorts of backgrounds mouthing the lyrics—and it’s understood that individuals from all walks of life are capable of feeling the same things despite their differences. 

Watch the video for “Raise You Up” here.


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