• marquis trill indie nation interview

Who is Marquis Trill?: Meet the man behind 6BillionPeople and #IndieNation

  • marquis trill indie nation interview

Who is Marquis Trill?: Meet the man behind 6BillionPeople and #IndieNation

Houston native, Marquis Trill’s name is slowly becoming something of a household name with his more than 3 million Twitter followers and extremely loyal fan base who watch his YouTube videos; all of which have garnered millions of views. From his strong following, he has become one of the more influential persons on the web. Even with his millions of followers, somehow it always gets asked: “What exactly does this guy do?” or “How did he gain so much influential power?” Well lucky for all you curious cats out there, I got the answers.

Mr. 6BillionPeople is a man of many hats constantly on the grind with a lot of different projects in the works coming out soon.  Currently, he has been heavily promoting his #IndieNation mixtape series movement which he describes as, “a platform that allows [him] to network with other artists and help break their music.” Being the social media warrior that he is, what better way to utilize that influential power than to help out others?

Read on further to find out what Marquis Trill is about as we talk his latest single, “Twerk for Instagram,” how he feels about the haters and his upcoming album release on July 3rd.


Cherise Nikole: A lot of people want to know who you are, what you do and how you got your start. Tell us a little about that.

Marquis Trill: I am an entertainer. I do video, photography, work with models, and now I make music. I got my start in 2010 at Prairie View where I was a standout forward. I quit the basketball team and gained more recognition through my YouTube channel where I upload videos of the hottest events in Houston.

CN: How’d you come up with 6 Billion People and how’d you gain so many followers?

MT: The concept of 6 billion people derives from the idea that Marquis Trill represents everyone. I am socially inclined and people are drawn to that. My followers come from the traffic I generate through my content on my YouTube channel.

CN: What are your goals when it comes to entertainment?

MT: Have a platinum selling project, land a major role in film, and gain multiple endorsements from top tier companies.

CN: What made you decide to start getting into rapping?

MT: I began rapping in 2012 after I stopped playing basketball for Prairie View.

CN: Describe your creative process behind #IndieNation?

MT: The creative process behind #IndieNation mixtape series was generated by my manager, Ryan J. Ryan wanted me to be in a position to help others artists so we created a platform that allows me to network with other artists and help break their music.

CN: Who are you working with on the #IndieNation project?

MT: Chefmendef, Dollface, Scoot, Luciano Layne, DJ Holiday, and postmanparis.

CN: How’d you get involved with VLive and Primetime handling their photography and social media accounts?

MT: I got involved with V Live in 2013 when he was hired as marketing director.

CN: A lot of people feel as though you’re arrogant – what do you have to say about that?

MT: Arrogance is a word used by the misunderstood. Those who know Marquis knows I am extremely confident in my work. I really doesn’t care what people think of me. In my eyes, if you’re a critic, you’re a fan.

CN: What’s the next move for Marquis Trill?

MT: I am about to release new video for “Twerk for Instagram” in June. Album release July 3rd. Pre-order June 26.

There’s a lot more to look out for from Marquis Trill who recently decided to take a shot at the rap game and he is currently gearing up for the July 3rd release of his debut album, Dreams Happen, which will be available for pre-orders in June. Stay tuned.

Follow Marquis Trill on Twitter to stay up-to-date and for some daily motivation. You can also keep up with him on his YouTube channel which has lots of music videos, behind the scene exclusives and twerk tutorials for the twerk challenged out there.


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